Blogging on Blackheads

We’d all like to boast Kim Kardashian type flawless, glowing and even skin tones but lets get honest. It’s just not real life. Even the most paranoid, OCD cleansing fanatics often find themselves locked in a never ending battle with those teeny tiny nuisances – The Blackhead. Chins and noses, take note.


How does this grubby little menace become so stubbornly ingrained within our SKIN? Blackheads are a combination of dead skin, excess oil and dirt that becomes trapped within our pores. The pores remain open but essentially have a ‘plug’ within them which oxidises with the exposure to air. This turns the oil black and gives rise to it’s very pleasant nickname ‘Blackhead’. Medically, blackheads are considered a strain of Acne and referred to as Open Comedones.
So if we know the BH’s cause, is it safe to assume we can shift it and send it packing for good? There are no guarantees with any skin condition caused by excessive sebum (that’s oil to us simple folk) production – this is a hormonal consequence beyond the control of any Beautician, however we can treat these blemishes and using the correct products reduce their return. It’s like an unwanted Ex that just won’t get the hint…

Treat it

There are several ways to treat pesky skin conditions and these usually involve controlled damage to the skin – this is the best method to encourage renewal, so in the instance of any blemish that just won’t go away acids and resurfacing are your man. Product wise, go for any Salicylic, Glycolic or Lactic Acid cleansers as these penetrate the top layer of skin and enter into your body to get real results. Add a good (this usually means expensive so prepare to part with some gold coins but thank me for it later) Retinol cream to protect your skin from antioxidants. Treatment wise, look for chemical peels, or Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion includes a vacuum so is particularly good for sucking out those irritants. We know, glam right?
We’ve tailored a facial to target blackheads, including Skinbase Microdermabrasion which gives incredible resurfacing results for a clear complexion and Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder which tackles BH’s using only natural products. If you’re local to Dorset book in for just £45.00, mobile or come to us.
We recommend the following products to treat blackheads

To Cleanse – Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel, Arbonne Deep Pore Blemish Cleanse
Retinol Cream – Dr Brandts Glow Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme 12802821_1701481240067592_2031017342885147545_n

Get clever about cleansing…