Lash Lift

The perfect way to enhance natural lashes without extensions.  This lifts your lash from the root and adds a curl.  Choose from loose, medium or tight curl.  A flash tint after the treatment means you can wake up ready to go.  Perfect to wear with or without makeup.

Lashes Pricing

Treatment Duration Treatment Price
Lash Lift 45 mins £38
Lash Tint 15 mins £10.00
Lash Extensions (full set) 90 mins £45.00
Classic Lash Infill 1 Week 30 mins £18
Classic Lash Infill 2 Weeks 75 mins £28
Classic Lash Infill 3 Weeks 90 mins £33
Hybrid Lashes 2 Hours £60
Hybrid Infills 1 Hour £35
Russian Volume Lashes 2 Hours £70
Russian Infills 1 Hour £35