G5 Lymphatic & Cellulite Massage

This mechanical massage is considered Gold standard in the beauty and medical industry. Its deep focus on breaking down toxins clears out fatty deposits and breaks down cellulite to leave skin feeling more toned and the texture of the skin, looking more refined.  

  • Contours 
  • Drains toxins 
  • Breaks down fatty deposits that cause cellulite 
  • smoothes texture of skin 
  • excellent for toning 
  • improves blood circulation aiding healing in areas of damage 

Massage Pricing

Treatment Duration Treatment Price
Swedish Full Body Massage 30 mins £30.00
Swedish Full Body Massage 60 mins £40.00
Indian Head Massage 30 mins £25.00
Hot Stone Massage 30 mins £35.00
Hot Stone Massage 60 mins £45.00
Pregnancy Massage 60 mins £45.00
Deep Tissue Sport Massage 60 mins £40.00
Gua Sha Massage TBC TBC
Dry Needling TBC TBC
G5 Lymphatic & Cellulite Massage 15 mins £20.00
G5 Lymphatic & Cellulite Massage 30 mins £25.00