Swedish Full Body Massage

sweedish-massageMassage is well accepted as being the most relaxing treatment available to ease tired muscles and unwind tired minds.

It is universally accepted but not completely understood.  Massage comes in many techniques, forms and with many end results.

The Swedish practice is however, the best known type of body work. Swedish massage involves sweeping and stroking movements toward the lymph nodes and heart to encourage blood flow and eradicate toxins in the system.  In this manner, blood flow to muscles repairs damage and acids and toxins are removed from the body leaving you feeling renewed and restored.

This method of massage is particularly sensual as your therapists hands will remain in contact with you 100% of the time during your treatment.

The massage is tailored to treat you as you wish and we will rely on you to guide us as to the pressure you enjoy and  the areas you want worked.

A heated couch is supplied to lie upon, lavender and rosemary is sprayed over the facial hole to relax you during the process and oils and candles burn whilst you are massaged to relaxing music.

A bowl is placed below the facial hole with dancing flowers and pebbles for you to watch should you prefer to stay alert during the massage.

Chamomile or green teas are offered following the massage or cold fresh water to further detox.

Choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute treatments and combine with facial masks or body exfoliations for a truly indulged experience.

Mobile service available, or come to use for the full spa experience.

Massage Pricing

Treatment Duration Treatment Price
Swedish Full Body Massage 30 mins £30.00
Swedish Full Body Massage 60 mins £40.00
Indian Head Massage 30 mins £25.00
Hot Stone Massage 30 mins £35.00
Hot Stone Massage 60 mins £45.00
Pregnancy Massage 60 mins £45.00
Deep Tissue Sport Massage 60 mins £40.00
Gua Sha Massage TBC TBC
Dry Needling TBC TBC
G5 Lymphatic & Cellulite Massage 15 mins £20.00
G5 Lymphatic & Cellulite Massage 30 mins £25.00