Waxing is an age old tradition because, quite simply – it works!

Effectively stripping skin of hair waxing lasts weeks before showing signs of regrowth and is a quick way to get a silky smooth finish to exposed skin.

Naked beauty bournemouth offers warm waxing with strips for legs (full or half) underarms, face including eyebrows, lip, chin, jaw line and anywhere else unwanted hair might pop up, arms, bikini (intimate waxing currently unavailable however this will be added in the near future)

Grit your teeth for a few seconds and love the finished result!

Waxing hair is proven to be a hygienic and safe method for hair removal.

Hot wax coming soon!

Waxing available as a mobile service or come to us!


Eyebrow Waxing 15 mins £8.00
Lip Waxing 15 mins £5.00
Chin Waxing 15 mins £5.00
Jawline Waxing 15 mins £10.00
Underarm Waxing 15 mins £10.00
Half Leg Waxing 45 mins £15.00
Whole Leg (inc toes) Waxing 60 mins £30.00
Standard Bikini Waxing 30 mins £12.00
Whole Leg & Standard Bikini Waxing 90 mins £35.00
Upper Half Leg & Standard Bikini Waxing 1.15 hr £25.00

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